A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was a day of firsts in the Yoyser household.

Little E cut his first tooth.  This explains why his naps have been below par as of late.

Big E had his first major food reaction.  I think it was a walnut he ate at the rockin' Tu B'shevat celebration at preschool.  It started on his face and by the time we arrived home it had spread all over.  It was a perfect storm.  Itchy skin and long fingernails (my bad) made for scratchfest 2011.  He drew blood on his belly.  A straight jacket would have come in handy at this moment.  I, of course, had no Benedryl.  But, I do have an awesome neighbor that ran to CVS for me.  I attempted to cut his nails down and hold his arms to his body to minimize scratching until the drugs were here.

I was worried Big E wouldn't want to drink his medicine, but I just told him it was juice and he was all about it.  He even signed "more" after he had taken his teaspoon shot.  That's my little Yoy... taking shots at the ripe age of two.  He'll make such a great AE Pi.

By evening, he was feeling much better and I was cuddled on the couch with everyone in their jammies. Little E had just finished feeding.  This is prime barf time as this kid throws up more than a pre-teen bulimic girl.  This is when Big E had his final first of the day.  Little E spit up onto Big E's head and it trickled down into his ear.  This was the first time Big E had been barfed on.

That's when I called it.


Big E needed to go to bed before anything else happened to him.  I cleaned up his head and ear and put him down.

Here's hoping today is a better day!


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