You might be an E-Hole when...

1) You rip your soiled diaper off and make an unexplainable mess.

2) You steamroll your defenseless baby brother.

3) You take up all of the floor tiles in your playroom.  Repeatedly.  Like, every day.

4) You throw your dinner all over the floor then sing the clean-up song as your poor, exhausted mother crouches down to pick your food up.

5) You pull all of your neatly folded clothes out of your drawers.

6) You move all of the poodle's food into her water bowl.

7) You throw milk at the Mac screen.

8) You spin your brother in the exersaucer like he is riding on the Mad Tea Party ride at Disney.

Don't get me wrong, I love that Big E, but sometimes I am amazed by his path of destruction.

That is all for now.  Feel free to add on from personal experiences with Big E.


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