Caffeine! STAT!

We had another early morning wake up call.  This time Big E awoke crying at 4:40 this morning.  I went rushing in there and rocked Big E for about 10 minutes.  He was very calm and then sweetly asked for Daddy.  So I brought Big E into the bed.  He remained still and calm, but not sleeping, for about an hour.  Then he started chatting about trains and downstairs.

Mr. Yoy tried to rationalize with him using Big E's love of trains.  I find this very funny as rationalizing with a two year old is a myth.  I put this in the same category as walking on water and time travel.  I then made the executive decision to put him back in his crib so that we could get some sleep.

Big E immediately starting jumping and crying as soon as I shut his door.  I let him cry for about two minutes, but I wanted to minimize any collateral damage (I figured Mr. Yoy needed sleep and I didn't want Little E to wake up).

I took one for the team.  I took Big E downstairs.  He immediately went into his playroom and started playing with his trains.  I set up a bed on the couch for me and put on PBS so he could watch cartoons.

For the next 2.5 hours I dozed in and out of a very light sleep.  I was so tired, but I was afraid if I really fell back asleep, he would get into something or hurt himself.  I could hear him just tearing up the playroom.  Sometimes I'd feel him come over and lay his head on me.  At some point he covered me in stickers (my personal favorite).  I remember thinking I needed to turn off the alarm, because when he gets crazy in his playroom he sometimes sets off the glass-breaking sensor.

When I finally came out of my couch coma, I took a look around.  He had moved all of his fake food onto the kitchen table.  I guess he was hungry.  I checked for bite marks.

His playroom was insane. He had literally touched every toy in there.  He had gotten into the diaper bag.  Our dog has nothing on him.  He had single handedly destroyed downstairs.

Currently, he is laying on the floor sucking his thumb.  Imagine that, he's tired.  And I'm gulping down Coke Zeros like it's my job.

"I wish I could rip his head off and put it on a shelf" - Mr. Yoy


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