Day Three of Crayon-gate

On Tuesday, Big E's crayons, but not the box, went missing.  Things go missing all the time so this normally is no cause for concern.  Crayons are a whole other ballgame.

If Big E finds his crayons without my knowledge and decides to draw an impromptu portrait on our wall, hardwoods, carpet, etc., I will be super mad.

My other concern is that Big E recently has started eating them.  I'm all for school spirit, but when Big E housed half of his blue crayon during the Gator game on Saturday, things had gone too far for Mrs. Yoy.  Blue teeth are not that cool.

I looked in all of the usual hiding places to no avail.  I snapped open the file cabinet drawer expecting to see a crayon rainbow staring back at me.  Nope.

I keep asking him where they are and he looks at me like he knows, but won't give up the location.  I feel like I'm on an episode of 24.  Tick-tock, tick-tock.  I just have to find these crayons before Big E does.  The consequences are dire.


  1. If you got him an IPAD wouldn't have these crayon worries....he could simply color on the screen. I am anxiously awaiting mine. I plan to download the garageband app and teach myself to play drums. There is also apparently a GOOGLE APP that I need to download so I can follow your blog from my IPAD :-)


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