The Other Cheerios

I love watching Big E's little brain develop.  He has recently started using the word "other" and he uses it correctly.  I am fascinated that a two year old can conceptualize this.

During meal time in our home, I present Big E with a barrage of food choices.  After he finishes picking out the parts he wants to eat, we have what I like to call the "special request" portion of his meal where he shouts out to me what he wants next.

In general, this kid eats a ton of cheerios.  Which is good and I think hereditary.  On the shelf next to the Cheerios is a box of Fruit Loops that Mr. Yoy bought as comfort food when he was "sick".  They are round like Cheerios and also classified as cereal.  Therefore, Big E calls them the Other Cheerios.  The real difference is the extra eight grams of sugar, which I prefer he not eat.

This is currently the number one coveted food in our house.  It is always the first food asked for during special request time.  And, if I happen to pull out the straight up Cheerios, Big E loses it.  He gets really mad.

Unfortunately for Big E, he is still learning my mantra, which is mommy always wins.  So, he never gets the Other Cheerios from me.  Now Mr. Yoy is a different story...


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