Really? You care this much about your jammies?

I have started letting Big E pick out his jammies.  I'm not sure if I have opened Pandora's box.  The other night he chose his football jammies.  He wore those around until it was time to read his book and then he flipped out about wearing his monkey jammies instead. Seriously?  So we had a wardrobe change.

Same thing tonight.  He went with his football jammies again.  Personally, he seems like he is in some sort of style rut.  We read a few books and I dropped him into his crib.  I offered to tuck him in and he stood up, starting jumping, and then screaming for monkey jammies. This time I held all the power because he was already in his jail, I mean his crib.  I said good night and ran out of there!

This is what it must be like to have daughters.


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