Mrs. Yoy is International!

I have the ability to track which countries my blog readers are located in.  For some reason, I am super popular in Japan.  I know, I know I sound a little like David Hasselhoff.

This got me thinking.  Is my blog so interesting that the good people of Japan spend their evenings pouring over my stories translating every word?  Personally, I would like to think that is the reason.

Realistically, the term YOY, besides being my husband's nickname, also stands for Year Over Year, which is used in financial data reporting, especially in Japan.  Mystery solved.

There is nothing left to do but give a shout out to my accidental Japanese readers!

On a side note, I'm sure they were pleased to learn that the Yoy household is the proud new owner of a Toyota Sienna.


  1. Hilarious! Have I ever told you one of my nicknames is Yen. It seemed appropriate to share given your blog post.


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