The Trail of Tears

It was a glorious Spring-like day today.  Aunt Yoy and I took all of the Yoy clan out for a walk on the Silver Comet Trail.  We had great weather, our matching City-Mini strollers, and miles and miles of flat, open pavement.

We started out strong.  Big E had a full snack cup.  Little E was content sucking on his stroller straps.  Cousin Yoy was watching the trees go by.  Aunt Yoy and I got in some good adult conversation time.  We hit the 1.2 mile marker and everyone was still pretty content so we pushed on.  

Maybe it's my super sensitive mother's instinct, but I just had a feeling that something bad was abrew.  It was like Lassie knowing to look for Timmy in the well.  I just knew.  I told Aunt Yoy, we should probably turn around.

And then it was game over.  Cousin Yoy started yelling.  Big E ran out of snacks.  Little E still continued to suck on his stroller straps.  I pulled out my next trick from my diaper bag.  Car stickers - 200 of them!  Big E was temporarily entertained.  He put a bunch of stickers in his hair that I had to then pull out.  

Unbeknownst to me, Big E was leaving a trail of items.  He was pulling a Hansel and Gretel with every item he could get his little hands on.  It was almost like he thought we were going to get lost and was leaving the evidence behind.  Here are the items that made their way onto the Silver Comet Trail: snack cup, sunglasses, one shoe, burp cloth (Little E snuck that one in there).

I recovered everything but the sunglasses.  I even had a nice biker guy bring back Little E's burp cloth.  Too bad it wasn't the sunglasses.  Big E yelled sunglasses the rest of the way back with his volume getting progressively louder.  Not to be outdone, Cousin Yoy also amped up her volume.

By the time we made it back to the cars, Aunt Yoy and I were sweating.  Not from the three plus mile walk we had just completed, but because our kids were severely disturbing the peaceful trail and we couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.

And Little E was still sucking on his stroller straps.  My angel.


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