When was the last time you were pants'd?

For me, it was around 1pm this afternoon.

I had an armful of laundry and I was walking towards the washing machine.  Big E intercepted my delivery by grabbing onto my legs and shouting MOMMY!  He has recently turned into a Stage 5 clinger, so I was trying to wriggle myself free of his little, but surprisingly strong, T-Rex arms.

Coupled with the fact that today I have on an old pair of maternity sweats, it was the perfect storm.  Down came my pants.  It couldn't have happened in a more revealing place in our house.  I was standing right in front of the only uncovered window we have.  Awesome.

We both laughed.  I dropped the laundry and pulled up my pants.  That little stinker!

So, the lesson learned today was that all of my maternity clothes need to be retired, ASAP. Mr. Yoy will be so happy to hear that.


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