Pillows - Playtime but not for Bedtime

I love a good couch pillow.  We have a bunch on our big leather sofa.  Big E loves to play with them.  He launches them over the back, at me, at Doggie Yoy, and of course, at his most favorite target, poor, defenseless, Little E.

For a few months now Mr. Yoy has been suggesting we get a pillow for Big E's crib.  Mr. Yoy can't understand why this kid doesn't have a pillow.  My theory on this is that he doesn't know any better and is sleeping just fine pillow free.  It's not like he sleeps like a normal person.  He usually has his booty in the air, his legs through the bars of the crib, and 27 stuffed animals covering his face.  A pillow will just complicate things.

Alas, at BB&B yesterday, Mr. Yoy insisted we buy this kid a little pillow.   This morning I got Big E's new pillow all set up.  New pillowcase on and it was ready for use.

Nap time rolled around and I put Big E in his crib.  His new pillow was in there just waiting to be used.  Big E took one look at the pillow and shouted at me, NO PILLOW!

He then picked it up and, in a moment of toddler rage, hurled it out of the crib.  The little pillow landed at my feet.  I pick my battles with this kid and I knew this was definitely not worth fighting over.  I about-faced and walked out.

Have a good, pillow-free nap, Big E.


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