This is not a routine I want to establish

For the second time this week, Big E awoke crying.  This time it was at 4 am.  I wasn't in denial this time.  I didn't take him into the bed with us.  I took him downstairs, popped on the tv, and tried to sleep on the couch while Big E looked at photo albums, had a snack, and sang to me.

He then started asking for his Uncle Yoy.  Don't think it didn't cross my mind to call 351-1111 and have a taxi come and take this kid to D-Wood.

After about an hour, I took him upstairs to the guest bedroom where he quietly rested with me.  I took a chance and scooped him up, explained to him that it was night night time, and dropped him in the crib.  Believe it or not, he went back to sleep.

At this point it was approaching 6 am.  I finally fell back asleep but was awoken by a jumping and yelling Big E around 7:30.  Mr. Yoy and I laid in bed and discussed who was more tired and who should go and get him.  We also discussed different families we could give Big E to.  Any takers?

Mr. Yoy liberated Big E.  He came running into our room all smiley and awake.  I wanted to pull the covers over my head and hide.  Big E wanted to get dressed so he brought articles of clothing from his room to me, piece by piece.  He ended up wearing two t-shirts plus a long sleeve shirt today, despite the 80 degree weather. I didn't care.

No amount of caffeine could save me today.  I had a dentist appointment in the morning and I have to admit that I actually enjoyed laying in the chair.  No kids, no moving, nothing.

I am hitting the hay early tonight.  I have to assume that there is a good chance I will get another early wake-up call.


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