April 23rd. Day 38.

Day 38.

Our county has provided digital learning plans for Monday-Thursday, so today was the last day of learning for the week. Little E took his 9AM call from his bed. Approximately six minutes after I woke him up. 

 I guess there are worse ways to spend your first period. I think back to high school. What I wouldn't give to spend a few more minutes in my bed...

The boys worked on their school assignments and I used the break in the bad weather to sneak out for a walk around the block. Because I've been aimlessly circling the neighborhood streets for weeks, I've become very aware of my surroundings. Who has the sh*t lawn. Who puts in the effort. And definitely when I giant tree limb comes down. We had just had a line of storms roll through. Was it possible there was a lighting strike? I knew just who to put on the case...
 I told them to examine where the limb broke off to see if it was charred. There was a lot of weather discussion (EARTH SCIENCE = CHECK). They spent about 20 minutes examining this tree. They compared it to another similar tree to see if it had the same black spots.
In the end, they took this opportunity to break off walking sticks for a future hike. They sent out the neighborhood bat signal to all the little boys. They had hit the jackpot. As the day wore on, there were lots of little boys running around with sticks. So if cabin fever doesn't get them, death by impaling most certainly will.

The rain came back just as we began an enthralling game of mini bouncy wall ball. Extra points for taking out screens, windows, and the porch light.

Mr. Yoy came home for dinner around 8PM. I guess I was complaining to him about how much weight I had gained stuck at home. Eating all the garbage he keeps buying. Big E took it upon himself to update my WW badge.



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