April 29th. Day 44.

44. Like my age, take note balloon lady!
I had such a great birthday, really I did. So thanks to all my friends and family that made it so.

But today, today was back to the grind. I snuck out for an early morning walk before the rains came. This was especially challenging because we stayed up (this part might be a little debatable) until after 1AM finishing Ozark. I am so intrigued by this quiet evil nerdy genius.
And Mr. Yoy and I were dying to find out just how many lives this man could destroy. Spoiler alert: it's everyone's.

I came in from my walk just as Big E was finishing up his class's zoom call. I went to the bathroom and noticed this guy in my bathtub. I'm pretty sure this is some sort of 2020 omen that Hannibal Lecter is going to roll up into East Cobb and eat all our faces off. I mean, things at this point couldn't get any worse...
Silence of the Lambs ruined moths for me forever. 

We ordered in sushi and poke for lunch. The boys gobbled theirs up in about 42 seconds and then asked for the rest of their lunch. Note for future, make it a double.

Big E finished his school work at an alarming rate. We had a mild disagreement about his ELA assignment. He felt it wasn't for him to do. But digging deep to my old, passive-aggressive work skills, I emailed his teacher and CC'd his butt on it. And sure enough. I was right. He was required to do the assignment. He caved and agreed, but then argued that he reads best at night, right before bed, and he refused to do it until later. 

The anticipated afternoon rain began to fall. Hard. Shortly thereafter, the boys saw the river that so often forms in our backyard during a good rain and felt the need to work on the olympic skill of pole vaulting. At first they wanted to build a dam (they always want to build dams, they are like freaking beavers) with my newly installed landscape rocks, but I vetoed the hell out of that idea. So pole vaulting it was!
They used their sticks they had ripped off the downed tree from last week (our budget for athletic equipment has been slashed so...) to launch themselves over and over. As with every backyard activity, this devolved to mud and sweat and boys. Normally, I would have taken the role of the fun police as soon as the Georgia clay mud entered the equation, but I feel sorry for them. So I let them go wild. And they did, they ran around forever, so I'm counting this as P.E. for the day. CHECK!

They moved onto another P.E. activity and possibly my favorite:
Sofa Wrestling
Little E nailed Big E with a swift back kick to the privates, and that was the end of that. And also my future grandchildren.

All was forgiven when they figured out they could both squeeze into this bin and play their Switches.

Little E grew tired of the cramped quarters and bailed. Big E was then able to stretch out and really explore his new accommodations.
The best $15 I spent. Can be used for a swimming pool and a play pen for an almost 12 year old.
The rain is still falling. It's really enhanced the quarantining feeling. I laid in bed this afternoon and fell asleep to Mr. Yoy's trademark phone call. Memos! Memos! Memos! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

I hope everyone has a good evening!


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