April 7th. Day 22.

Welcome to my world of whatever.

Today I let it all go. I didn't encourage (they might even say NAG) the boys to go outside and play. We did get a surprise rain storm, and Big E used this time to run around like a maniac. I am also counting this as his shower. My multi-tasking skills seem to be sharpening, ironically, in the time when I have nothing but time.

I just went with the flow, with the exception of their constant fighting/wrestling. After I scolded Big E for kicking his brother in the gut, he told me, and I quote, "YOU MAKE ME NOT WANT TO SMILE." I couldn't even be mad, because it was so funny. And also, I'm not here to be your best friend, I'm here to make sure you graduate to adulthood. Ask Harry Houdini about an unexpected blow to the stomach. It didn't end well for him.

I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel of things to do. I impulse bought this weird hair bun thing on instagram. I've never done that in my life, but I will look like a pageant girl when I am reintroduced into society. I ordered all the filters my house will need for the next year: HVAC, water, air flow for my fridge. I vacuumed out my car as I've made it into the dregs of my chores. I even went up to our scary attic and replaced our current air filter all by myself. {APPLAUSE NOW}

I searched for outside activities the boys could do. Stilts? A pogo stick? Croquet? I'm at a loss and am taking suggestions.

I searched for Standard Poodle Puppies. I mean, Poodle Yoy probably won't ever die, but hypothetically, if she did, wouldn't it be fun to have my dream dog? A super-sized poodle.

I ate a shameful amount of peeps. But I feel like I have to balance out all the matzo that is coming down the pike.

I zoomed and drank with some girlfriends around 4PM. It was good to speak to adults. They weren't wrestling each other or arguing with me. It was disarming.

Before dinner, Big E put on back-to-back-to-back YouTube videos regarding the Electoral college, how it is set up, and how it is broken. I learned you CAN win the Presidency with only 22% of popular vote by focusing on certain smaller states. It was pretty interesting and also a little concerning. 

They tell me tomorrow is Wednesday. Passover begins at sundown. I'm not cooking, General Muir is, so I don't have much prepping.  Maybe I'll put on not pajamas. Or maybe we have a pajama seder?

Have a good evening! Be well and stay dry!


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