Little E: Say Rash!

Tomorrow is picture day at school.

Normally, I would spend the evening obsessing over such gut-wrenching decisions as what color polo shirt should they wear and skinny jeans vs. khaki pants.  Oy, such choices.

But Little E has thrown me a curve ball.

You know that he has horrible, horrible skin.  I had almost forgotten, as the moist, warm summer months were good to Little E's skin.

Yesterday morning he awoke with a full body rash that included an unfortunate cluster on the tip of his nose.

Can I just say it?


Cause that is how I felt.

He's been Cover Girl flawless for months.

I'd hoped by this morning it would be better.  It wasn't.

I took him to the doctor this afternoon to see if it was just his standard crappy skin flaring up and also to see if she had a instant magic cure for red splotches.  She didn't, by the way.

So now I'm desperate.

I'm not saying I'm GOING to do this.  But I'm also not saying that I'm NOT.


Would I dare go so far as to apply cover up to my sweet boy's face in the morning?

Stay tuned!

Ooooooo, I've got one!  Don't break out in a rash!


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