ADT who?

Am I wasting money by paying for an alarm monitoring company?  I think I might be...

This evening, we were upstairs and half-heartedly getting ready for bath time.

Big E had stripped down to nothing.  He was running around au natural.  I was praying he didn't decide to use the bathroom on my carpet.

Little E was in his diaper.  He had a poonami waiting for me and I was psyching myself up to change it.

Big E came running out of his bathroom with three tooth brushes in his mouth.  Great.  Now he's hoarding tooth brushes.

I opened my mouth to tell him not to run with multiple tooth brushes in his mouth (yes, I'm turning into my mother) when there was a knock on the door.

This is always a dilemma in my neighborhood.  Do I answer?  Ignore?  There is always shady stuff happening in the ATL, so I never know for sure who will be there.

I peeked out over the landing.  It was one of my neighbors.  Ok, I'll answer it.  I told both Yoys to hold tight and bounded down the stairs.

I had to pick up doggie Yoy who, by this point, was losing her damn mind.  I'm talking the Exorcist.  She does not like strangers.

I open the door and my neighbor apologizes for bothering me at this time and tells me about a party she's hosting in a few weeks.  She's giving me some details but really all I hear is the madness raining down from above.

You see, the fatal flaw of my house is that you can see up to the second floor.  So there was naked Big E with a mouthful of toothbrushes shouting on repeat:


Not to be overshadowed, Little E had crawled over to the bars and pulled himself up.  He was just gripping the bars in his sagging diaper and shrieking at her.

She's a mother, too, so this only mildly fazed her.  We both laughed and she left.

But it got me thinking.  She may not have been fazed, but I'm pretty sure this would frighten the hell out of most people.

I would have been scared if I hadn't have been so proud of Little E for pulling up on the bars.  Lazy guy.
My dog and kids are way scarier (and louder) than a blasting alarm!


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