Wax on, Wax off

Yes, another Karate Kid reference, I really can't help it. See Showering with the Karate Kid.

It was late afternoon.  Little E was napping.  Big E opted out of his nap.  I really think the whole idea of Big E's nap is a thing of the past.  Mrs. Yoy definitely needed a nap.  I was one tired mommy.

I put Cars on hoping it would lull Big E into a trance and allow me to catch a few minutes of shut eye.  Not my best mommy moment, but all I could think about was closing my eyes.

I told Big E that Mommy needed to take a nap.  As I settled into the couch, he brought me over a pillow and placed it over my eyes.  When I nap during the day, I always cover my eyes.  He knows the drill.

I drifted off.  I'm not sure how long I was in dreamland, but I was pulled back into a semi-conscious state by the feeling of hot breath on my face.

Lay very still.  In fact, play dead.  Maybe he'll move on to another victim.

Next came the stickers.  He placed a giant Cars sticker across my chin.  I may or may not have dreamed I was at Natural Body having my chin waxed.

Don't move!  Don't breath!  You can still salvage your nap!

Then came the final straw.  He ripped that sticker off my chin like he was waxing my face.

And, I'm awake.  Dang!

I opened my eyes and glared at Big E.


I checked the clock.  I managed to squeeze in a 12 minute nap.  I guess I'll take what I can get.
I love that this is from 16 magazine, one of the most underrated publications of all time.


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