Forgotten Treasures

My parents are cleaning out their house.  This means, every trip they take up to the ATL, I become the proud owner (again) of such awesome things as:

1) Madame Alexander dolls
2) Sweet 1980s records
3) My grandma's dishes

This trip, I was reacquainted with some of my early childhood artwork (and even some of my brother's artwork that they tried to pawn off on me.  No, I don't remember drawing that thing that I think may be a man dressed in a hot dog costume.)

I also received a box full of Garbage Pail Kids.  Can you say e-Bay?

Mr. Yoy and I went through the cards and had a good laugh.  We pulled out the ones with names of our friends and family.  These would make great presents.  We left them stacked on our kitchen table.

The next morning, my sticker fiend, Big E was sitting at the table eating his breakfast.  In the blink of an eye, Big E had peeled off three of the Garbage Pail Kids stickers and stuck them to his t-shirt.


My mom, my dad, and I all shouted in unison.  My collection, that I have had since 1985, was being decimated by my two-year-old.

For our effort, we scared the dickens out of Big E.  He immediately started the lower lip pout.  He was on the verge of tears.

Perspective, people!  We calmed down from our Garbage Pail Kids fueled rage and began to comfort Big E.

It was ok!  We aren't mad!  Smile!  Everything is fine! 

And it was.
My card.


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