Runaway Train

On Thursday evening, I went to a "swap" party where I picked up a Melissa & Doug train puzzle for Big E.  He loves puzzles.  He loves trains.  This was going to be the perfect toy for him.

He assembled it Friday afternoon.  It is about ten feet long when put together.  He then proceeded to "drive" the puzzle like an actual train all over our house.  The puzzle was a hit.  He loved, loved, loved it.

Score one for Mrs. Yoy.  I found something that kept him quiet and entertained for hours on end.  I've never met this Melissa & Doug, but I would like to personally thank them for creating this puzzle.

Fast forward to this morning.  Little E was in his highchair drinking his milk.  This is important because it eliminates him as a suspect.

Big E was on the floor scooting his train puzzle in between the kitchen and the family room.  I ran upstairs for literally three minutes to throw on some clothes for a birthday party.

When I came downstairs Big E was asking me to find the train.  The actual train engine is the first piece in the puzzle.  I looked quickly, because I was in a hurry, but found nothing.  We left for the party.

We returned home and Big E starting asking me again for the train.  I looked a little closer and noticed that not only was the train piece missing, but about ten other pieces had gone AWOL as well.

I put both Yoys down for naps as they were all caked out from the party.

I began a level one search and rescue mission for the puzzle pieces.  This entails looking under things like the sofa, the rug, the coffee table.  These are the usual hiding places.  No luck there.

Level two was next.  These are stealthier locations such as inside drawers, storage bins, the laundry hamper, his ride-along truck. Again no luck.

If I can't find them in the next couple of hours we may have to transition from a rescue to recovery mission.

I hope this isn't turning into another missing items report.  See Day Three of Crayon-gate.

I still never found those stupid crayons...

Please come back to me!


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