A case of mistaken identity

I ran by Tommy's, Atlanta's famous barbershop, this afternoon to get Big E a haircut.

The cleaning people were at our house and I wanted to avoid a repeat performance.  See Little Mister Bossy.

I'm never sure how Big E will react to a haircut. Sometimes, he sits perfectly still.  Other times, he is like the exorcist in the chair.

On my way over, I talk up the haircut experience.

Aren't you excited to see Tommy?

Are you going to be a handsome boy?

For the record, there are like eight different people in the shop that cut hair.  Sometimes we get the boss man, Tommy, but sometimes we don't.

Today we didn't.

We got Cecilia, a sweet, middle-aged asian woman.

Big E got up in the chair, gave her his best cheesy smile, and shouted:


Everyone in the shop laughed, customers and barbers alike.

When Cecilia stopped laughing, she explained that Tommy was the old white guy in the corner.

Here's hoping next time we can get it right!
The real Tommy and Mitt (for Mr. Yoy and A.M.)


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