This never happens for Mrs. Yoy

Yesterday, we hung out at home with the kids.  We had some brunch with the other Yoys, watched some football, and in the evening, I had my monthly book club.

Before my departure, Mr. Yoy asked me to help him get the boys bathed.  He did the bathing and I got Little E ready for bed.  It was only a little after 6 when I put Little E in his jammies.  A tad early for bedtime, but he'd definitely go down.

As I closed his door behind me I saw that Mr. Yoy had put Big E into his jammies and was reading him a few bedtime stories.  I laughed to myself.

Of course, the night that I'm leaving Mr. Yoy with the little Yoys, he thinks he can have them both asleep by 6:30 so he can relax and watch more football.  Right.  THAT. WILL. NEVER. HAPPEN. EVER.

I ran out the door to make my book club meeting on time.

When I returned home, I couldn't wait to hear about how Big E jumped in his crib yelling to be tucked in for two hours.  Or how he wanted water.  Or his duck that somehow made its way to the other side of the room.

That didn't happen.  Mr. Yoy triumphantly (and I might add, a tad smugly) reported that Big E didn't make a peep.  He was down at 6:15.  Little E did wake up crying around 8 because both of his chub legs got stuck in between the crib bars, but he went back to sleep immediately.

What in the world?  This is bull, I tell you!

There are nights that I couldn't get Big E to bed at 9 after an entire sippy cup of Benedryl.  How could Mr. Yoy get him to bed at 6:15?  Ugh.

And, we had to wake him up at 8 this morning!

I'm hoping for a repeat performance tonight.  He didn't want to take a nap after school, so I obliged and kept him up.

Please send sleepy vibes Big E's way!

So this is what it's like every day? - Mr. Yoy after spending a whole day at home with the little Yoys.
Maybe Mr. Yoy snuck some of this to Big E yesterday?  


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