Mrs. Yoy looking for a new balance

I'm not talking about a break from my kids or more time for myself, although that would be nice.  I'm talking about the navy, size 4XWs I just received from Zappos.

The pair was in a shoebox in Little E's room.  These were going to be his fall shoes, even though I doubt he'll be walking by then.

I picked the box up, as it had suspiciously made its way into Big E's room.  The box was a little on the light side.  I opened it up.  I'm pretty sure when I received the sneakers they were shipped in a pair.  That's usually how it works.  Today the right one was flying solo.

I brought the shoe box back to Little E's room and starting looking around for the missing sneaker.  I asked Big E where the other shoe was.  I went out on a limb here.  I guess it could have been Little E, Mr. Yoy, or even maybe doggie Yoy, but I went with my gut.

Big E informed me it was in Little E's toy basket.  I rummaged through it.  Big E was lying.

Then I got all Law & Order on him.  I grabbed a coffee, a cig, and my tough guy persona.


Big E ran in his room and returned with the missing shoe.  I don't even want to know where it was, but at $45/pair, I'm locking those suckers up until Little E is ready to wear them.
I'm so glad I found you!


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