Another bedtime massacre brought to you by the Yoys

This was a joint effort by both Yoys.

Act 1:

Big E was in his playroom playing with his train set.  I left him in there to change Little E's diaper and change him into his jammies.

Little E had other plans.  I got him into a clean diaper without incident, but the pajamas were a different story.

Every time I stuck one of his feet into one leg of the bottoms, he would twist over and pull his foot out.  He did this for about five minutes.

I started laughing out of frustration.  Then I started sweating.  LITTLE E!  I yelled out his name.  He looked at me with the most serious of stares.  I pleaded with him.

Please let me put your jammies on!  Please!

Act 2:

Around the time I'm hitting record levels of frustration with Little E, I hear Big E start yelling something about his trains.


Big E came running up the stairs yelling something over and over.



He is now rattling the gate and yelling at me.  See Ma'am, I've never seen that happen...

I put Little E on the floor and open the gate to let Big E in. But, you see, he doesn't want in.  He wants me to come down and look at the stupid bee.

First of all, I know for a fact it is not a bee.  We forever have a random fly in our house.  It's never the same fly, but there is always one.  Just flying around.  Annoying the hell out of everyone.

I saw it earlier in the playroom.

So, I'm not really concerned that there is a bee harassing my kid in his playroom.  But for the record, even if it was a bee, there was no way I was going down there to check it out.  I would lock myself in my room and wait for Mr. Yoy to come home and save the day.

But Big E won't let it go.  So I'm back on the floor trying to wrestle Little E into his pajamas and I'm about to lose it.

Big E is hovering over me whining about the bee and his train.  As a bonus, I noticed that Big E pooped while he was playing downstairs.

Good lord!  Everyone stop talking, moving, pooping, etc. and let me do my job!

I finally get Little E into his pajamas and get him into bed.  No book tonight, Mrs. Yoy is done.

Ditto for Big E.

Act 3:

And now, the sweet sound of silence.
There was no bee, but if there was, it would be a friendly bee, like this smiley guy.


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