To train or not to train

I'm teetering on the edge.  On one side, I see the unending pile of dirty diapers. On the other, I see the constant trips to the bathroom, whether it be at home or at Publix.

At this point, I could be swayed either way. Big E does not have school tomorrow or Monday so this gives me four days of intense housebound toilet training.

I'm pretty well prepared.

Cute potty seats - CHECK!  See Potty Training.

Tighty-whities - CHECK!

Snacks and other bribery tools - CHECK! See Pretzel M&Ms > Gold.

Juice to incite him to drink more, and therefore "go" more - CHECK!

Courage and patience to attempt this - MISSING?!

I don't know if I am ready.  Big E is so strong-willed and if he isn't on board, this is going to be horrible.

Plus, it's Labor Day weekend.  There are a million other things I'd like to be doing this weekend.  Instead, I'm potentially slated for urine cleanup the whole damn time. I'll be hatefully thinking of all my friends at their BBQs and pool parties as I'm scrubbing clothes, floors, and probably myself.

I could push it out until the High Holidays at the end of September.  Big E will also have a big chunk of time off from school then.  But is procrastinating going to get my son toilet trained?  I wish!

Don't they have some expert that can come to your house and do this for you? It would so be worth the money.

Help Mrs. Yoy!
This will be Mrs. Yoy if I survive Potty Training Weekend '11.  Minus the ugly outfit, of course.


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