Little Mister Bossy

After preschool, I ushered the Yoys home for afternoon naps.  Although I've been weaning Big E from his nap, I figured his first day back at school warranted one.

The cleaning crew, a mother and son, was still at the house finishing up on the upstairs area.  Side note: don't judge - I realize I don't work and have cleaning people.  Mr. Yoy either hasn't noticed or does not want to have that argument with me.

The mother, a sweet, older lady who speaks hardly any English, was working on Little Es nursery.  Big E immediately went in there and started peppering her with questions.

What are you doing?

What's going on?

Over and over and over again.

She smiled at Big E and asked him how he was.

He repeated his questioning assault on her.  I'm sure she wanted to run the vacuum right over him.  I know I did.  But she was kind to him and I certainly appreciate that.

She said good bye to him and headed downstairs to clean.

Big E couldn't let it go.  He kept calling her "the cleaning people" which I guess is what I call them.  I'm grateful that I don't call them the maids or something else that could be construed as derogatory.

You going down the stairs?  You going down the stairs?

And then he said it.  I am so hoping she didn't understand him.

You clean my playroom?!  Clean my playroom?!

No please.  No thank you.  Just a two year old telling a nice, old lady what to do.

I was mortified.

Manners camp ramps up in the morning.
Just substitute the Miss for Mister


  1. Hilarious! Emma did the same thing the other day to our housekeepers as I call them. I had to jerk a knot on Lanier when he used the word "maids" in front of Emma. :)

  2. I say we lock them up until they are 18.


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