Diaper Bag: Friend or Foe

I could clean this thing out once a day.  I don't.

I usually clean it out every few weeks.  When it becomes overrun with receipts, dirty wipes, and wild cheerios, I know it is time.

Tonight I am looking for a receipt so I can make some returns tomorrow.

I started digging around.  Then I decided to put on my hazmat suit and really get in there.

Why can't this stupid bag stay clean and organized? There is some nasty sh*t happening in the far off corners of this bag and I just cleaned it out a few weeks ago.  It is so frustrating to me.

Half the time I've got it slung to my back and I'm frantically ripping open packets of craisins and dried fruit while simultaneously wiping Big E's dirty hands and talking on my cell phone.

Hmm...maybe THAT'S why!

The one thing I rarely find in there:

1) my wallet
2) my keys
3) diapers of the appropriate size
4) wipes
5) bags for dirty diapers
6) bibs

Noticing a common theme?  These are the items that should be in there and do, in general, come in handy.

Oh, how I loved you when I first got you.  Now I can't wait to break up with you!


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