Look ma, no cavities!

Today was Big E's first trip to the dentist.  I was sweating it.  There were so many variables and so many things that could set him off.

1) The moving chair
2) The blinding light
3) The noisy toothbrush
4) The strange people looking inside his mouth

So, it is with great pride that this blog is not about how big of a disaster Big E was at the dentist, but how he was the greatest little guy ever.

It was eerie.  Tooth Doctor Yoy kept commenting on how great he was doing for not yet being three.  I felt like I was dreaming.

I kept waiting for him to bite the dentist or give his famous line:


I almost stuck my hand down the backside of his shirt to check for an on/off button.  I was convinced someone had taken the human Big E and replaced him with a robot named WORLD'S BEST DENTAL PATIENT.

They asked us to book our next appointment, so I guess we are invited back.
 Great Success! (Think Borat)


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