Here comes the groom...

And he's still wearing diapers, sucking his thumb, and sleeping in a crib.

I know that eventually, Big E will outgrow the above afflictions.  He will not be an adult still wearing Costco diapers, at least I hope not.  That would make him one very small adult.

But still, these milestones are always present in my mind. Sometimes they mock me.

I frequently commit the deadly sin of comparing Big E to other kids his age.  Some are potty trained.  Some are in beds.  Some have pacifiers.

The potty training thing we tried back over Labor Day weekend.  See To train or not to train.  It was an epic fail. He started crying the second I showed him his big boy underpants.  Not even unlimited candy could convince him to give it a try.

Even now, if I mention sitting on the toilet he always replies:



The crib thing is mostly my doing.  I just need to order him the safety rail and we can convert the crib to a toddler bed.  It's just the thought of Big E roaming the house at night gives me the shivers.  It's not that he's destructive or eats poison, it's merely the thought.  So I'm sacked out and sleeping away, what the heck is he doing?

Not to mention Big E is like a heat seeking mommy missile.  He finds me wherever I am.  In this case, it would be me cuddled in my bed and I'm sure it would end with me not cuddled in my bed.  I'm just not ready for that. Maybe I could gate him in his bedroom like a dog?

And finally, the thumb sucking.  It is a nasty, nasty habit. I'm always pulling his thumb out of his mouth.  It has callouses on it.  I almost can't bare to look at it.  We go for our first dentist visit next week and I'm sure I'll get an earful about that.  Even the nice man collecting our items at Goodwill (this is a sarcastic statement, beware) was nice enough to explain all the negative outcomes of thumb sucking.

While I know all of these things will be resolved in good time, the process of resolving them is making me anxious.  We are in such a good groove right now.  Big E is sleeping by 6:30 and he's not up until 7:30 the next morning.  I worry any or all of these things will jeopardize my nightly downtime or sleep.

But, as a mother, I also know there is some sacrificing. We'll get through it, I know, but it's not going to be easy.

At least it will make for some good blogs.
Big E's future wedding party


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