Search and Rescue

I was performing my usual post-Yoy bedtime cleanup effort. Tonight, I was especially diligent because in a few, short days we have an olympic gold medalist staying at our house (for blogging purposes, I'll refer to him as Mr. Gold).

I'm not sure what I think will happen, but I'm petrified Mr. Gold will show up with white gloves and do a dust check on my baseboards.

I was organizing this sweet wooden fire/police station my brother and SIL sent to Big E for his birthday.  This thing is amazing.  It came from this catalog, One Step Ahead. It is like crack for moms.  Don't deny it, ladies!

The station came with a ton of furniture, including a toilet which I find fascinating.  Big E does, too.  In fact, it's his favorite piece of toy furniture, even though he refuses to use a real life one.  Irony at its finest.

It also came with two policeman and two fireman.  As I was lining up all the tough guys in front of the toy flat screen TV, I noticed we were down one fireman.

Blast!  We've had this thing a total of five days and Big E has already lost 25% of his manpower.  Plus, my brother and SIL are visiting next month and I didn't want to tell them that my kid is irresponsible with his toys and not worthy of such awesome presents.

It was now my mission to find the fireman.

First, I pretended I was a three year old.  This is getting easier and easier the more time I spend with my kids.  If they can get away with this sort of behavior, then I should be able to as well.

If I were Big E where would I stash the fireman?

I looked in all the drawers, book cases, filing cabinets, and trash cans in the room.  Nothing.

I checked under our china cabinet.  He was not there, but I did find a sippy cup circa 2009 filled with what was once water and now resembled Guinness.  This was headed straight to the trash.  Gag.

Next I checked under the couches and the coffee table.  No fireman, but I did find the "K" piece to his train puzzle that had been missing for some time.  Score!

Finally, I opened up all the seats in his fleet of cars.  There, jammed into the compartment under the seat, was a hair brush, a stuffed soccer ball, and the fireman.

I shouted out an excited YES!  Too bad I was by myself and had no one to high five.  I felt like this situation warranted one.

The house is currently clean and organized.  If only I could keep it that way until Mr. Gold's visit.

I'm sure the evil Yoys will be back to destroy all of my work tomorrow.

At least I can sleep soundly tonight.
Not Big E, but that is the fire/police station.


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