The "S" Word


Now that Big E is three he is very aware of the upcoming holiday season.

The lights!

The music!

The decorated trees!

The fat, old guy in a red suit that brings you lots of presents (sounds way better in theory than on paper)!

It is the rite of passage for any Jewish child.  And no, it is not a bar mitzvah.

It is the moment he learns he is different.

Christmas IS the most wonderful time of the year.  As a 35 year old, I still suffer miserably with Christmas envy each December.  I peer out my front window and look at all the lights and the glittering trees peeking through my neighbors' front windows.  Oy.  If only.

Big E has already mentioned Santa to me.  I ignored him. I don't know if I am ready to go into it.  I feel like this conversation may be even harder than the birds and the bees.


Yes, we are the Chosen People, etc, etc, but no child wants to be different.  I guess it is a blessing that he is at a Jewish pre-school so he isn't being inundated with Christmas things.

As a child growing up in West Boca, there weren't too many of us Hebs floating around.  I always had to be my class representative.

I hated that my teacher made us all sing the dreidel song to offset the 27 Christmas songs we were learning in music class.  Please, don't humor me.

I hated standing up in front of my class and explaining Chanukah.  Especially after I skipped all that Sunday School.


It's not that Chanukah isn't a fun and wonderful holiday. It's just that I feel like it has been blown up to compete with Christmas and there really isn't any competing.

Yeah, you can say we get eight nights of gifts.  But as a child, nights six, seven, eight were filled with such gems as a thesaurus, night light, and maybe a keychain.  I promise it doesn't equate.

I'm hoping to dodge the Santa bullet for at least one more year.  Maybe next year he will be able to understand a little better.

So while everyone is opening their presents, eating their delicious meals, and singing amazing holiday songs, the Yoys will be pouring over our take-out Chinese food menus and deciding which movie we will hit up.

Happy Holidays!
I guess it doesn't help that I watched Elf while delivering Big E.   I freaking love that movie!


  1. You poor thing! I will send you a Christmas card as always so you won't feel left out. :) Just do what all my other Jewish friends do - put up a tree anyways! They smell good, and then you'll have the pretty lights you've always wanted! Happy Chanukah!


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