A Lesson in Boundaries

Today we hit up the Botanical Gardens as the weather was stunning.

After running through the entirety of the garden and shoving his face full of snacks, Big E had to use the facilities.

As I debated with Big E the merits of standing while going to the bathroom, he informed me this was a more serious visit.  He was going to have a BM.

Side note.  This kid LOVES to poop in public.  I'd rather turn my system toxic than do it, but not Big E.  He is all about it!

I got him all set up and removed myself from the stall as Big E requested privacy.

I stood on the other side of the door and held it close.

In walked a mom and her two elementary school aged children.  They were all talking and Big E caught on fast that there were other kids in the restroom.


Big E yelled out his most enthusiastic greeting from atop the throne.

I quickly shushed him and managed a weak smile at the mom.


Unfortunately it had to be in the middle of a public restroom, but Big E and I had a nice little talk about boundaries.

Perfect strangers are not interested in a face-to-face chat with you while you take a dump.  It's just rude and weird.

I'm hoping this will be the last of the random public bathroom conversations.

The Scene of the Crime


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