Big E: Morphing Into a Feline

It's winter.  It's dry.  Dry skin is abundant.  It's a winter badge of honor, I suppose.

Big E has taken to licking the backs of his hands.  I'm not sure if this is his own personal moisturizing routine, but it is killing the skin on his hands.

I lotion him up nightly, and I'm pretty sure he is eating the lotion off.

Whatever he's doing, is not working.

It pains me to look at his raw hands.  Some parts have started to crack and bleed.

So I'm wondering what is coming next.

Should I put out a liter box for him?

Maybe some catnip?

I think I might start with some gloves to keep his tongue away from his skin.

Big E's hands.  It's what's for dinner.


  1. Make sure he's washing the soap off the back off his hands. Kate's hands do this, too, in winter and I realized about 70% of it cleared up when she started rinsing better.


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