The Yoys: Shake Your Moneymaker

I watched in awe this morning as my sons, but mostly Big E, asked a sweet, old lady who was accompanied by her granddaughter, for some coins to ride the way over priced rides at our mall.

Out of principle, I refuse to give them money for this purpose.


I say this knowing with 100% certainty that Big E will relay this nugget of juicy gossip to the next random person he engages with.

I'm sure the lady handing out popcorn samples gives two sh*ts that we are poor and out of money.  But at least she will know about it and can digest that info anyway she pleases.

But back to the Yoys.

They snaked over a dollar in quarters out of this grandma.  Maybe she was trying to buy them off, as they were hovering over her granddaughter as she rode some rides.  Let me rephrase that, Big E was hovering and Little E was crying, as usual.

I tried to give the money back, but she refused.  So I thanked her profusely for her kindness and went to work on my newly hatched money making scheme.

This could be my ticket to finally financially contributing to my marriage!

I love it when a plan comes together!
How can you say no to this lady?


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