Little E's Collarbone: Part 2 - The Pediatrician

I must say, we timed our arrival perfectly.  You know how I loathe hanging out in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office.  Especially during the plague season.

The boys barely had time to lick the fish tank glass, when Little E was called back.

Big E is all about the doctor's office when he is just an onlooker.  He took the lead, I really didn't have to be there.

Big E explained perfectly to Dr. K what had happened to Little E.  It was like I was watching him present on his medical school rounds.  For a minute, I was such a proud, Jewish mother.

Dr. K had me take Little E's shirt off so she could examine him.

She moved his arm around and checked his elbow and wrist.


Little E repeated this until I finally translated it to Dr. K.

She burst into laughter.

But this how I know she is an awesome doctor.  She casually asked Little E to high-five her with his left arm.  He began to, but then switched and high-fived her with his working arm.


Off to the Piedmont Hospital X-Ray department we went.

Not Little E.


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