The Yoys: Living The Theme Song From M.A.S.H.

We are a sorry sack of souls.

All five of us.  And I'm including Poodle Yoy in this count.

Sixty percent of this family has been placed on injured reserve.

I threw my back out.  Again.  Which, when you have to lift 35+ pound kids into car seats throughout the day, can be quite taxing.  I'm limping around like an old lady.  It is completely not awesome.

Moving on to Poodle Yoy.  She did something wonky to her back leg and hasn't used it in about two weeks.  The pain medicine has run out and she is not better.  Back to the vet we go on Friday.  She's lucky she keeps my kitchen floor spotless or she would REALLY have something to worry about.

And finally.  The little big guy.  Little E.  He's had a rough week, complete with multiple falls.  He's walking around like Bob Dole with very limited use of his left arm.  It is pathetic.

We need a nurse up in this house.  STAT.

Hoping Mr. Yoy and Big E can buck the trend!


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