Big E: Polly Want A Cracker

Big E hit a new milestone today.

No, he isn't reading.  Or even peeing while standing.

While trying to get Big E to sit down for dinner, he busted out some new schtick.

It went like this.

BIG E, SIT DOWN AND EAT YOUR DINNER! (this is me, just to clarify)

Big E looked at me and smiled the most evil smile I'd ever seen pass his lips.

BIG E, SIT DOWN AND EAT YOUR DINNER! (this is him, mocking the sh*t out of me)

I was stunned.  First I wanted to laugh, because I know I did this as a child.  

BIG E, STOP REPEATING ME AND EAT! (again, this is me)

BIG E, STOP REPEATING ME AND EAT! (again, my mocking, smiling son)

After the initial urge to laugh subsided I was mad as hell.  This was the most annoying thing he's ever done to me (hmm...maybe not...see every other blog post ever).

OH, YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?  (you know the drill)


That silenced me.  I stopped talking for the next thirty minutes.  I shook my head yes and no and for the most part avoided Big E.  

Please tell me this is just a phase...

If he is going to act like a bird, I guess I need to get an eyepatch and let Big E perch on my shoulder.


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