The Yoys: A Solution to the World's Energy Crisis

I am the mother to two sons.

I expected the wrestling and hitting and running and wildness and screaming.

What shocks me daily, is the amount of wrestling and hitting and running and wildness and screaming.

It never subsides.  Not even as we are reading bedtime stories and Big E is launching himself from his bed to mere inches away from the churning ceiling fan.  Note:  I did not sign up for decapitation by ceiling fan.

Like Ponce De Leon, I am forever searching.  Not for the Fountain of Youth, but something more in line with the opposite of the Fountain of Youth.  I'm searching for the ultimate little boy energy drain.

If only I could harness this raw energy.  I could plug my phone, televisions, and appliances into the back of the Yoys.  I'd never have to pay a Georgia Power bill AGAIN.

We had two days of cold weather here in the ATL and the kids were climbing the walls.  There was no school today, so I had to dig deep and figure out something to do that would deplete their energy levels.

We dropped my mom off at the airport (tear) and came home.  It was sunny and warm(ish).

Being the creative mom that I am, I invented the ultimate outdoor lame game.

I made the boys race up and down the hill next to our house while picking poisonous berries from the holly bushes to bring back to me.  I timed them and I counted their picked berries.  And like suckers they played along.  For like thirty minutes.  They even stripped off their jackets and requested water.

When the panting took over, we carried all the poisonous berries to the porch and made shapes with them.  See now it's a learning game.  And the boys were happy.

 Big E at the top of the hill, Little E lurking in the shadows at the bottom of the hill.
Who wants to make an octagon?


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