Make Way for Ducklings

Mr. Yoy picked up this children's classic on his trip to Boston a few years back.

This is a favorite bedtime book for Big E.  I think mostly because it is lengthy and he has cornered the market on bed time procrastination.

Tonight, as I read the book to Big E, I found myself getting angry.

The Daddy Duck decides to go on vacation for a week, by himself I might add, like two weeks after the Mommy Duck hatches eight ducklings.  And she is just fine with it. She says some BS to Daddy Duck like:

Don't worry about the kids, I know all about bringing up ducklings.

On what planet would any mother find this acceptable? What kind of message am I conveying to my children as I read this book to them day in and day out?

After I cooled down, I checked the copyright year - 1941. Well that explains it, I guess.  Even in the 1940s, I think my grandma would not have been super jazzed if my Grandpa went on vacation and left her with the four babies.

My next thought was, Mr. Yoy BOUGHT this book for Big E. Maybe he is trying to tell me something?!  I find myself getting angry at him.  In reality, he probably just bought this book because it has such a rich Boston history and he always brings Big E a book related to his travels.

Dial it down, Mrs. Yoy.  You are having a rough couple of days.  There is no hidden meaning in this book.

In any case, I have decided to add a new ending to this book.  Instead of the Mommy Duck being kosher with everything,  she is going to plan a spa day at the most exclusive place in town once Daddy Duck returns from his so-called vacation.  Then she is going to leave his ass with the eight ducklings all day and see how he likes it.

I feel so much better already.

Good night, readers!
Or should it be called - Motherducker?


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