Motorcycle Drivers: #1 on Mrs. Yoy's Hitlist

For the most part, these guys drive like total crap.  So when I'm driving the Yoys around, they are practically begging me to run them over.  They weave like a bunch of Persian rug makers and continually cut me off.  I've already discussed this earlier in My Inner Rage, but I'm in a particularly bad mood this evening, so I have some additional thoughts on the subject.

A few of my neighbors are motorcycle enthusiasts.  I do not know much about them, but I can with absolute certainty tell you what they are not.  Parents.

I have spent the past hour trying to get Big E to settle down.  He has been singing on and off and occasionally crying for me.  Finally, and I mean finally, he quieted down.

Then one of my "neighbors" (I put this in quotes because I don't consider their behavior very neighborly at all), just revved his stupid bike the entire way up my street.  I'm pretty sure my folks in Florida even heard it.

But you already know who definitely heard it, Big E.  He just started back up again.

I've had a long day with him and I really just need him to fall asleep so I can relax.

On a side note, about 95% of the houses in my neighborhood have small children.  I'm not being overly sensitive here.  There are many other mommies in my 'hood who feel my pain.

I think we should band together and throw rocks and sticks at these guys the next time they drive by like they are filming a scene for the Fast and the Furious.

Why should they have all the fun?
I just ordered my new shirt!


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