What's up, Switches?

Yeah, I said switches, not the other word that rhymes with it.

It finally happened.  This one event is going to change many things around the Yoy house, but most of all, our power bill.  I thought it was high with the soaring temperatures and the constantly running air conditioners.  Now this...

Big E figured out he is tall enough to reach the light switches and turn them on.  Honestly, I thought he'd never get there, he is such a little guy.

The problem is, he is not tall enough to flick them back down and turn them off. As I wander from room to room in our house, every single light and fan is going.

I have flashbacks to when I was younger and my parents would leave me to babysit my younger brother.  I was still a little nervous about being left alone, so I'd turn every single light on in our house.  My parents would come home and my dad would say -


I feel these wise words bubbling up in my throat.  I'm pretty sure this will become my go-to phrase, because Big E is obsessed with the light switches.

My only hope is that he shoots up another inch overnight so he can then turn them off.  Then it'll be like we are living in a discoteca. See Showering with the Karate Kid.
The downfall of Mrs. Yoy and our power bill 


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