Family Pictures

Saturday morning we are making the trek up to Acworth to have updated Yoy family pictures taken.

Major planning and strategy go into this event, in addition to the major buildup of anxiety Big E causes me whenever I need him to sit for pictures.  See Most Likely to be Kidnapped.

First of all, we have to color coordinate.  Especially because we are having a few pictures taken of my Yoys with Cousin Yoy.  I'm not an everyone-must-wear-a-matching-polo-shirt and khakis kind of girl, but I want us to blend well.  There will be no clashing in the Yoy family picture.

My second point of contention is Little E's face.  I find myself talking to his skin.

Please don't have an acne flare-up between now and Saturday.  Seriously, don't do it.

I'm also worried he may scratch his face during his sleep.  See Clip it! Clip it good!.

Then there is Big E's hair.  It is borderline hair-cut time.  I'm just worried he'll get a Dumb and Dumber cut and then the pictures will look ridiculous.  I'm going to leave it, based on his past behavior while he's in the barber chair.  I'm not going to gamble and lose.

My final worry is the wild card, Big E's behavior.  Will he be camera shy?  Will he cooperate?

NO PICTURES! (Big E's response everytime I pull out the camera)

I've already decided that I'm prepared to sit for a revised Yoy family portrait with Little E, Mr. Yoy and myself.  I'll explain to him later why he wasn't included in the picture.

So as I prepare to pull together all of the outfits and any other random props Mr. Yoy comes up with for our shoot, I will also bring a giant bag of bribery.  I am not above bribery.

I just want one fantastic family picture.  Ninety-nine percent of the time the Yoy family is a walking train wreck.  I'd just like to preserve one moment when we look like one of those perfect families you'd find in a picture frame in Target.

Is this too much to ask for?
This could easily be us if there were more Yoys around.


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