Sushi Monster

Mr. Yoy and I are raising a sushi monster.  Big E loves it.  He'll eat all of my dinner if I'm not careful.

Friday nights, Mr. Yoy brings sushi in and then we usually watch a movie.  It is our old, married person routine.

Last night Big E was wide awake because I let him take an almost 2 hour nap after school.  My bad, I know.

We were all up in our bedroom watching the Braves game and Big E made it clear he wasn't tired.  I wasn't in the fighting mood, but I was super starving.

Mr. Yoy told Big E to stay on the bed and don't move.

We snuck downstairs to eat our sushi in peace.  I didn't need his grubby little hands touching my dinner.

We only heard him jump down off the bed once (because our house was built in like 7 hours and is a total shack) and then he quickly climbed back up into bed.

We finished dinner and made our way back upstairs.  I walked into our bedroom and Big E said with such enthusiasm:

Watch baseball with me, mommy?

I know he was just stalling and desperate to stay up wtih us, but I still found it to be very endearing.

Really, I'm just impressed that he followed directions.

Big E would eat this much sushi, if I let him.  Impressive!


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