One important fact about your child...

I was filling out some forms Big E's preschool teacher sent home with us today.

Hebrew name - check
Emergency contacts - check
Birth date - check

But then came the question about one important thing you want the teacher to know about your child.

I stared at the paper like I was blanking on one of my accounting finals.

How does that Cash Flow Statement work again?

Anyway, I asked Mr. Yoy if he had any ideas.

We came up with the following:

1) He likes to shout out at random times: MY P*NIS HURTS!

2) He picks his nose and may or may not eat it depending on when his last meal occurred.

3) He sings show tunes like it's his job.

4) He has an insane memory.

5) He is a tough lover.  Just ask Little E.

6) He is very friendly and will walk off with whoever is offering up a free hand. See Most Likely to Be Kidnapped.

7) He is Skype proficient.

8) He likes to carry Mr. Yoy's briefcase up and down the stairs for a good workout.

We decided #6 was probably very important to tell, the rest, not so much.

Big E practicing #8


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