We were on our way back to Mr. Yoy's office after a Yoy family lunch.  Mr. Yoy's phone rang right when we were settling into the car.  It was the managing partner from his office.

Mr. Yoy told everyone to be quiet.

About a minute into their conversation, I honked at a lady who ran the four way stop I had pulled up to.  (Side note: I honk way more now than I ever had.  I feel like I have to let everyone know what bad drivers they are now that I have kids in the car.)

Big E let out an enthusiastic "OH MY GOD!"

I guess I say this during my fits of road rage.  Mr. Yoy swung around, gave him a dirty look, and shushed him.  Mr. Yoy was trying his best to keep the car quiet and have a conversation with the managing partner.


Mr. Yoy is clearly stressing out.  He's one OMG from losing his job.

Then we swung by the elementary school.


I'm trying to keep Big E quiet.  Clearly, he's not cooperating.

Mr. Yoy hangs up the phone.  I gently remind him that he was the one who taught Big E how to say OMG and at the time he thought it was so funny and endearing.

Per his previous phone call, Mr. Yoy informs me he must call a client back by 3pm.  Current time on the clock: 2:41.  It is like an episode of 24.  Does he risk calling from the car?  Or risk not getting back to the office by 3pm.

He gambles and he loses.  He calls the client from the car.

Big E ramps up the OMG-ing.  Now it sounds like a cross between shouting and him making the biggest bowel movement ever.  I feel a smile creeping onto my face.  This is funny.  I can't not laugh. The client puts Mr. Yoy on hold for a minute.

Mr. Yoy says to me - this is not funny.  Then he tells Big E to please be quiet.  So calmly, I may add.  Maybe he was in shock.

Next came panic.  He asked me to pull over and let him out.  He'd walk back to the office, even if it was another 3 miles.

By the time the client gets back on the line, Big E is on repeat.  OMG OMG OMG OMG.

I've got the silent laughs, as I don't want Big E to be encouraged, and I'm crying real tears.

We dropped Mr. Yoy back at the office, still on the phone with the client.

He called me about 15 minutes later.  His message was clear.

"Enjoy the last few hours you'll have with Big E"

I guess we'll be returning him.


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