2012: Up for the challenge!

Big E is not back at school until Wednesday, January 4th.

As much as I'm dreading the process, I decided to try potty training again.

We are in lock down mode.  Big E is wearing his undies. Let me correct myself.  Big E is wearing his 4th pair of undies since I took him out of his crib around 8 this morning.

In case you don't have a clock nearby, it is 11:45.  And in case you don't have a calculator nearby, that is an average of about a pair of undies an hour.

I have cleaned up three giant floods so far.

Big E has made a few drips in his little potty, but for the most part he still hasn't grasped the concept of using the toilet.


Currently, he is sitting on his potty in front of the TV, like every man's dream.

I am pumping him full of juice tinted water.

What I need to be doing is pumping myself full of chardonnay.  That'll be later, I'm sure of it.

I just checked his potty and it was actually full of pee.

Yay!  M&Ms for everyone, including Mrs. Yoy.

Keep us in your thoughts today.  I'll keep you posted on our progress.

Watching Toy Story 3 for the second time today.  


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