Let's wrap up the potty training blog trilogy (hopefully!)

Day three of self-imposed potty training quarantine.

I was delighted that the weather was awful.  I was not the least bit tempted to run errands.  The thought of bundling up the Yoys and taking them in and out of the car was completely unappealing, especially after last week's grocery fiasco.

Instead, we cranked the heat and prepared for day three of non-stop Toy Story 3 and a butt load of candy.

Big E continued to kick some toilet training a**.  He had no accidents and was regularly using his potty.

Our neighbors even dropped by to say hello and I was able to interrogate her about all things concerning the process.

My shining, proud mommy moment of the day came after dinner.

I was skyping with my parents and I had the computer over by Little E while he was semi-eating some pretzel M&Ms.

Big E was over by his art easel drawing.



I panicked.  He was doing so well today.  Ugh, come on Big E!  I ran over to him prepared to assess the liquid damage.

He did, in fact, make a pee.  Except it wasn't in his pants, it was drawn on his art easel.  In three year old handwriting, he had scrawled the letter "P".

WHEW!  I felt a pang of guilt for ever doubting that little guy.

I chuckled as I walked back over to Little E to continue skyping with my mom.  Too bad Big E is too young to understand what a funny moment we just had.

My mom and I watched in awe as Little E sucked all the chocolate off the pretzel M&Ms and then spit out the soggy pretzel piece.  Impressive, by the way.



I hadn't even seen him go over to his potty.  I ran over there and sure enough, he had done his daily BM.

I congratulated him.  I hugged him.  I was so proud.

He didn't even tell me he had to go, he just did it.

Tomorrow is Big E's first day back at school.  I'm praying he will go on the mini-toilets there.

In any event, I'm sending 42 pairs of clean undies and an equal amount of sweatpants.

I'll check back in tomorrow and let you know how it went.
Nowhere on this sign do I see Toy Story 3.


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