Heads Up!

This afternoon, I was in the midst of a marathon laundry session.

I have the ability to lock all the doors upstairs to keep the Yoys where I can see them.  They only had free roam of the bonus room and their bedrooms.

I hadn't heard any whining from Little E in a few minutes, which is unusual.  I sat forward on our couch and peered down the hall.

My heart stopped.

All I could see was Little E's big head.  Not his body, just his head.  His body was hidden by the stair railing.

It was like someone left a giant cantaloupe at the top of the stairs.

I stifled a scream.

Good lord, what is wrong with him?  Why is he trying to scare the sh*t out of me?

I made a face at him to try and get a reaction.  Nothing. Radio silence.

Is he dead?


All I received in response was his intense stare.  The one he gives to strangers in the grocery store or servers at restaurants.

Um, sorry, he's not a smiley baby.  He's on his period.  Like always.


Finally, he popped up and laughed.

Please stop being creepy.  Thanks.

A reenactment of the event.  You may have a few judgy comments so let me just head that off.  Yes, I did just pull a cabbage patch kid from my closet and take a picture of exactly how Little E was positioned.  Mr. Yoy isn't usually home before 9 and I'm bored.


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