Big E, Big Helper

Today I ran to Costco without the Yoys.

Oh, the freedom to just aimlessly roam the aisles without the Yoys barking orders (or in Little E's case, screaming).

I picked up some shampoo as we were running dangerously low.

When I got home, Big E came out to the garage to help me unload my car.  He loves to help out, although most of the items are too heavy for him.  I appreciate the effort, nonetheless.

Not to be excluded from any activity, Little E parked himself at the entrance to the house and screamed bloody murder the entire time Big E and I unloaded the big red bus.  It was unnerving.

I handed Big E the shampoo and told him to place it on the kitchen counter.

I ran back out to the garage and brought in the remaining groceries, 47 pounds of berries.

Fast forward to Mrs. Yoy shower time.  Both Yoys are sleeping (I hope) and I'm ready to have a peaceful few minutes to myself.

I'm going to pop open my new bottle of shampoo and take a great shower.

Speaking of which, where is that bottle of shampoo?  I ransack the kitchen.  I check the car again, even though I swear Big E carried it in.


Big E CARRIED it into the house.  It could be anywhere. This is, of course, one of my favorite games to play.

I usually play alone after the boys are asleep.

After what I consider a very thorough search of the downstairs portion of our house, I give up.  I'm too tired to continue my search.  I'll just scrape together the remnants of our current shampoo bottle and resume the search tomorrow.

I flip on the lights to our bathroom.

And there it was.

My shampoo.

Sitting on the tub.

I smiled.

Oh, how I love my son.
I didn't even notice him carrying the shampoo up the stairs.  What a good helper!


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