Alexander: Latest Mrs. Yoy book review

When I was home a few weeks ago, I grabbed some of my old children's books to bring back to Atlanta.

They brought back great bedtime memories for me with my folks and grandparents.

One of the books, Alexander, is about a misbehaving horse.

I opened the book up and saw my name written neatly in the corner (by my mom, of course).  Not to be outdone, I had taken crayons and pencil and scribbled all inside the front and back covers.  Now I know where Big E gets THAT from.

As Big E snuggled up next to me, I began to read.

I was shocked to see that in the story, the little boy's father smokes a smelly pipe for the duration of the story.  In every illustration, he's got a tight grip on that thing.

As was the case in Make Way for Ducklings, I immediately checked the publishing date.


Ah, that explains it.

I have no problem reading the book to Big E.  My parents read it to me and I certainly don't walk around smoking a pipe all day.

Although, I'd be way cooler if I did.

I just find it interesting to see how we have evolved.  That would never fly in a children's book written today.

OK, I'm done writing for tonight.
My copy isn't this well preserved.  It looks like I may have eaten the spine at some point.


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