Buyer's Remorse

Last night, after the Yoys were down for the count, I was doing my nightly cleaning/straightening.

I walked into the kitchen.  There was my arch nemesis. Staring at me.  Mocking me.

Our glass kitchen table.  In the almost three years the Yoys have been around, this table has yet to look clean.

I wipe the table down at least once a day, and it always has little Yoy prints all over it.  On top of the CSI scene, there is the day's worth of food crusted on both the top and bottom of the glass.

Oh, how I hate you glass table.  Why did we ever buy you? At least with a wood table, the prints are camouflaged.  I guess we never imagined the mess two little people could make.

What about place mats, you ask?  Big E uses them for hats or lines them up on the floor, so they are rendered useless.

And what goes best with a glass table, why cloth chairs, of course.  Big E has taken to eating his meals sitting on his feet, backwards.  So the tops of the chairs are smeared with his food.  I really want to take the whole set and torch it in the driveway.

But, it doesn't end there.  We have a rectangle coffee table with a glass inlay.  Not only do I find finger prints, I also find lip prints (I'm not sure what is going on there) decorating the glass.  If that wasn't enough, it has lots of sharp corners and edges for the Yoys to impale themselves on.

I wish I had future Mrs. Yoy sitting on my shoulder when I picked that table out.  I would have gone round, all the way.

Anyway, we have what we have, and we really aren't in the market for redecorating.  We'll wait until the boys are done destroying everything before we buy something new.

I'm thinking 2028.

Also, I'm taking tips on keeping the glass clean.  Anyone? I'm desperate!
Damn you, table!


  1. Have your mom go down to the flea on sample rd. They make marble looking table covers for round glass tables. They are the bomb!

  2. I guess you can buy them online too. Very similar...


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